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Academic Opportunities

Training and Supervision

An important goal of Compass Mental Health is to provide high-quality training and supervision.


Our team has a wealth of experience working with students and health professionals. This includes practicum students in clinical and behavioural psychology, family medicine, psychiatry and psychology residents, as well as autonomously practicing professionals. We currently offer the following training and supervision options:

Predoctoral Practicum in Clinical Psychology

We offer a number of practicum placements for clinical psychology doctoral students.  To apply for a practicum you will be required to submit the academic requirements for your program and your CV.  Opportunities available to practicum trainees are diverse, with a number of training experiences. For further information about the practicum placement opportunities, contact

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Undergraduate Practicum in Behavioural Psychology

Students completing a degree in behavioural psychology are welcome to apply for a 4-month placement at Compass Mental Health.  Requests for a placement are coordinated through your academic program. For further information about this training option the undergraduate practicum practicum placement opportunities,


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